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About Us

Argh no, not consultants...Advisors

Founded in 2017 from a passion to make a genuine difference to more than one cause at a time Change became a reality.

Following 13 successful years in fundraising for National and large regional charities Danny Mitchell wanted to make a Change and actually help. 

raise the bar, re write the rules

It is out belief that for charities to survive and actually thrive they need to evolve and that might well mean taking the odd risk or two along the way BUT it can still be a calculated risk with contingency planned in just in case something doesn't quite work.

Fundraising is not a desk job, that's the admin side of it but a good fundraiser has strong relationships who support their work in many ways.

Fundraising is also not 9-5 as those you are raising funds for cannot clock in and out at those times so why should you? 

It is about having fun along the way though and celebrating successes but also acknowledging the mistakes and learning from them.

This is not rocket science but apparently we are Rocket Scientists.

Our objectives

Its about making a genuine difference in what we do and in how we support.

We are not 9-5 because how would that be right if you needed an answer out of hours?

Yes, we have bills to pay to live but we aint gonna be millionaires ever. What we aim to be is ethical and driven to succeed to actually change the World in which we live in one step at a time.

If for some reason we aren't making a difference we might as well pack up and go home.

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2020 firewalk


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Be part of our historic firewalk mass participation event and create history. We will be aiming to break our own UK record of 1076 people taking part along with raising over £150,000 for the charities involved. 

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